Thursday, October 20, 2005

I think I have figured this out... :D

I think.. LOL I am going to add some more info and pics.. Lord willing or should I say.. If my intelligence allows.. I really have been addicted to a new web group entitled I have always had a desire to write and have wrote poems here and there, but since joining faith writers I have already wrote 3 new things and have posted pieces that I have wrote in the past. So cool... I am now trying to be patient to see how I placed in their weekly challenge.. We shall see...



Amy said...

Isn't Faith Writers great!? I can't believe how much my writing has grown since I've been there. And I've made some close friends, too.

hehe, you've been tagged with a meme! I'll email you the list and you can use it on your blog if you like. :-)

Debbie said...

will try to add it later.. I am on my lunch hour and am just popping in..
Yes I love FW.. Everyone is really nice and it's neat to hear everyone's trials and successes in the group. I want to check out the ebooks sometime.. Better go.. Look forward to chatting with you..

PS do you IM