Saturday, February 16, 2008

New element to my blog added

I have added a new element to my blog --- where you ask?!? go to the bottom of my blog and you can view my list of my last cd I listened to and the last book I read. I will try at that time to give my review too.

Karen Kingsbury- Found
God bless this author for writing more present day stories. She deals with current topics and interests. Examples are her discussions about paparazzi harassing actors, and kaballah. This is the third in her 2nd series surrounding the Baxter Family. She writes in a way that gives you more than one story as she weaves back and forth between the charaters, yet still entwines them into the main story. She reminds us throughout her books that we can hear from God and that He hears from us. I am reminded in her words that there is a spiritual warfare out there and we need to be diligent in our prayers for those we love. I recommend this highly.
Karen Peck and New River "Journey of Joy"
There are 11 tracks on this southern gospel cd. I had heard of them, but have never purchased thier music before. I enjoy their style. At first when you listen to the first cut-- Hey-- it seems to be more contemporary southern gospel and I presume it is all that way. But I am wrong, when I listen to track 7. Whispered prayer I am transported to the yester years of the saints who have gone before us. It makes me think of my Nanie who kept praying for her family so faithful. I miss ya Nanie!!


Denise said...

Blessings to you dear.

Jess said...

Hi Debbie, thanks for visiting my blog. I used to read Kingsbury--loved her early books but I just hate getting involved in a long series. :( I know I must be missing a lot of good stuff. :)

What do you write? How did you come across my blog? Are you a member of ACFW or FHL... or are you a songwriter?

Look forward to hearing from you.