Saturday, December 26, 2009

DJDeb Music Review

I am writing a review today about a worship singer that I have only recently become familiar with in the past six months. My brother got me connected to a christian video group online

called tangle (great alternative to You tube).

and on this site one of the top viewed videos was of a girl named Kari Jobe. Hmmm... Never heard of her--let's give a listen I said and can I tell you I was so blessed by the song entitled REVELATION SONG. (see video below)

Needless to say I was so impressed that I purchased her self titled cd and was so blessed by all the songs.

Other tracks worth mentioning are:

Track Two - Healer, with it's powerful lyrics and message.

Track Seven - Singing over me, Kari sounds a bit Taylor Swiftish except her intimate lyrics are as one singing intimately to their love-Jesus Christ.

Track Eleven - Revelation Song, still my favorite of all. It's brings you to what it may truly be like when we come before the Mercy Seat. In all it's wonder and I can imagine bowing down singing her lyric "You are my everything and I will Adore you.." as I bow before my King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

THIS IS DEFINITE MUST LISTEN and BUY CD--Keep in mind it's a Worship CD.


jubilee said...

I am so glad you introduced Kari to us. She has a wonderful voice.

Joan said...

I love the Revelation song. We had a sermon series on the book of Revelation at church last year and our praise team often sang this. Powerful song.

Thanks for visiting my blog - hope you will come again.