Saturday, January 10, 2009

DJDEB's Music Review

Another DJDeb music review......

Decemberadio -- Satisfied 2008

It's been sometime since I have done a music review and what better CD to review than my new favorite band in 2008. (did a shout out for them check out the archives on the bottom of my blog) I kept hearing one of their songs on the radio and said I have to find out who that is. The song was Find you waiting (track 12). There is a Kidrock-sounding fella blasting out his testimony.

This group has a southern rock edge to them. After attending their concert a few months back I was able to purchase two of their CD's. Not only do they sing great, they also give a great concert. Considering that I only knew a few of their songs at that time; they held my attention and I was blessed and inspired.

Other notable songs are the ballad Look for me and the real rockin' song Gasoline. I appreciate many styles of music, but I always look for positive and redeeming qualities to it. This group definitely exhibits both of these in the music and concert. They can do a moving ballad and then a hard core metal song.

Definitely worth a listen...

(Below are a few pics from their concert)

OK I am new to the digital camera picture thing..

Lead singer - Josh

My friend Rose and I at the concert -see me holding tight to my new Cd's!!


Charlene said...

I always enjoy listening to new music! Thanks for the review, and thanks for stopping by my blog! We are on Blizzard Watch here - I'm always thankful God gives me a chance to grow....hehe brrrrrrrr

jubilee said...

Thanks for the heads up on the group! I'll have to check them out.

heidi said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog last week - sorry it took so long to come visit yours! You really have a passion for music! LOVE it!