Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm in...

I've had some problems accessing my blog and I think it's just the google sign on.. I will try and post more and add pics later. God bless ya'll!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Meet Harry the Heron..

So I am a bit of a bird addict and love Blue Herons.. I've been watching a pair of herons on live via video link for months thanks to Cornell Check out the link at
I've been doing a little bird hunting myself the last few weeks and came across a lone heron at a local park that has a river running through it. It's one of my favorite places to visit and my mother and I spend hours sitting and watching all the goings on... We live in apartment buildings and so treasure these warm months where we can get out and visit the parks.
Reading a book the other day along the river's edge, I noticed a blue heron landing nearby. I was so excited as I have not seen one here in years. It was getting closer to me and then... Some folks had noticed him as well and decided that if they threw rocks near him... He might fly or move out of the brush.. Had I been a big burly dude I so would have yelled at them but there were two guys and a girl and well I cowered in the car angry for such childish behavior.. The last few weeks I've been down there looking for the bird to return and behold it did.. I have named him Harry the Heron-- see him below...
He is starting to feed in these pics.

So I believe he caught a crayfish here.

We think this might be a frog... which he dropped.. :)

So the pics below are right before we left...

"Wild thing"

These closeups you get a better view of the blue

They walk in such a REGAL way!!

So I was incredibly blessed to have met Harry and that he allowed me to invade his space. I'm hoping to have future visits with him and will keep you updated!!
God bless ya'll, DJDEB

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

hmmm... think perhaps God's trying to tell me something...

I grew up hearing that phrase "My Beloved is mine and I am His" (My beloved is mine, and I am his: Song of Solomon 2:16a) I knew that God loves His church as a Groom loves His Bride. I remember hearing it but I don't believe I really "HEARD" it or really took it to heart until the last year or so. God has put numerous Christians in my path reminding me that I'm a Child of the King or that I'm a treasure in God's eyes. Even the latest comment from a new blogging friend I've just discovered reminded me of this...

When you are single and perhaps not the most confident, it's very easy to not see this part of God's heart. Why? Perhaps we feel not worthy or good enough in His eyes. Similar to how we may feel in the eyes of those around us... But there is a difference and God's trying to work that into my life.. The difference is  God created me to be me (a daughter made in HIS image)... The difference is God sent His son to die for my sins... The difference is God cares for me in a way no other person can.. I am HIS and HE is mine.. Thank you Lord!! I so appreciate the reminders that give me that special warmth of being so LOVED and Cherished by my Lord and Savior...

Just had to share about what God is doing in my life and pray that this will encourage you as well. If you don't know God as your Saviour, don't put it off, don't waste a moment.. Ask him to come into your life today and He will never leave you and will love you with an everlasting love.. God bless ya'll


Saturday, July 27, 2013

~~A day or shall I say "STEP" in my life~~

I'm back to stepping up in my healthy "me" journey... I'm calling them steps as I have a long way to go and if I look at the LENGTH of what I need to do, it can be discouraging.. SO I'm taking steps...

 First step :
I can check that one off--My first step was to get that first weight loss in.. Lost six pounds the first week back on this journey. I guess this would be a good place to tell you what plans I'm use to direct my steps. I'm doing Weight Watchers and using the Nutribullet System. 
In the past few weeks I have lost just under 10 pounds, It's a journey that is filled with changes and preparations. Changes in what to eat and what not to eat--Thankfully Weight Watchers allows you to eat a variety of food. Preparations involves planning what to buy and how to cook it. I've made my first pesto this week with fresh basil.. and have made numerous concoctions in my Nutribullet..
Cannot wait to make my next step on this journey to better health!!! As that old Sunday school song goes "One step at a time, only one step at a time that is the way the Lord will lead you.. " With God's help  I'm going to do this and I know
 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" (Philippians 4:13)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

~~A Blissful White Give away~~

There is a lovely giveaway at a new blog I've just found and just started to follow. Becky is giving away "one of my inspiration/gift wrap kits". Check out her "timewashed" designs at
I have to say I love the term timewashed.. Time gives items such a beautiful glow eh?? So please check out Becky's blog out... Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

been away for too long...

Well it has been awhile since I've posted, between moving, sickness with my parents and self.. It's like coming home every time I come back to blog world. I decided to share some pics from a trip to Amish Country in PA. The Lord blessed me with an opportunity to see site and sound theater.. They are a must see if you are ever in the area.
Check out their link here: Site and Sound Theater Lancaster PA
We were able to do some sight seeing in the Amish country. I've always been fascinated by the Amish/Mennonite Community and am particularly impressed with their work ethic and their strength in keeping their faith in God.

Took many pics along the way..

Amish man working in the fields.. Look at the powerful horses..

The Irony of the Old world and the new world..

I love this picture...

Love the colorful farms..

So I was so excited to get this old carriage and then when it turned up the road.. it had brake lights in back..

hopefully I will some day get to go back but was so blessed to be able to view God's country in a whole new way!! God bless, DJDEB

Monday, October 08, 2012

Fall is here.... Snow soon to follow..

It's here.. The Fall has begun...

I truly love fall in all its beauty!! I love the smell in the air, the wearing of thick fuzzy socks and warm over sized sweaters.. Temperatures at just the right level for a refreshing walk... Of course it is such a short time period, so I'm hoping to relish it as much as possible. Here are a few pictures from my hometown in the past few weeks..
it is just beginning to change here..

The leaves are just starting here a well..

My sister and I are going on a train ride this upcoming weekend called the Fall Foliage Train trip. So I'm hoping to see even more greater pics.. I'm so amazed even more and more with God's great designs.. Hope you enjoy them and are enjoying the changing of the seasons in your area as well. God bless, DJdeb