Sunday, October 23, 2005

My first MeMe

Thanks AMY

Things I want to do before I die:

1. To be singing in full time ministry
2. To be married to a God-fearing Christian man
3. Reach my goal weight
4. Have some of my writings published
5. Have a clean house. :0

Things I can do:

1. Clean my house..
2. Sing whenever and wherever the Lord opens a door.
3. Keep losing weight.
4. Keep sending my writings out and keep writing.

Things I cannot do:

1. Marry the wrong man. Better to be single than to do that.. So I hear...
2. Obsess about weight loss, clean house or published works.

My Daydream:

1. To travel with a southern gospel singing group and do my writing on the road.

People I want to do this next:

I have only met a few bloggers so cannot answer this yet..


Jezreel said...

Hey Deb! It's lookin' great! MeMe's are FUN! I like being tagged with them...

I know my "name" isn't familiar, but I'll message you on the forums and let you know who I am.

Amy can verify who I am. :)

Debbie said...

hello jezreel welcome to my blog. I will try and visit yours. I love meme's send them my way. Take care djdeb

Debbie said...

Hello Jezreel. Thanks for posting on my blog.. I love your picture.. No your name is not familiar. I am guessing you are from FW. What a group and amy well she has been such a help.. I will try and check out your blog. I am praying this will post. it's the 3rd time I have tried. God bless. djdeb

Amy said...

Oh I love Gospel music! I wish I could hear you sing. :-) Or better yet, sing with you! hehe