Friday, September 21, 2007

~~~~~`T G I F~~~~

This is how I feel and probably look after a lonnggggg week. Can ya'll relate?
I certainly do not have a physical job; but it definitely tires the mind out. Either that or I am getting old. I was just saying that to my nephew Brandon. But I am not too old to play a GOOD game of yahoo pool right Bran?

It seems like allergy season has hit our town full throttle. Everyone seems to have respiratory issues. Still hard to believe that fall starts Sunday. I love the colors and smell of fall, but hate that it's over too soon. Mother nature loves to send the white stuff to us New Yorkers as soon as she can. Speaking of mother nature look at what she dealt my brother Bob's town on Sunday:

Thank God they were all right. It's amazing what power storms have. And to think that our GOD has more POWER than that. Praise Our Powerful and Loving Lord!

Well I am out for now. Have a great night. May GOD bless and strengthen you.


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Denise said...

That picture is me in the mornings, lol