Friday, February 15, 2008

Just getting my SGM fix..

Here in NY we have so little Southern gospel music. I believe there are two shows on two different christian radio stations. The one I really like is on Saturday AM the one day I get to sleep in.. LOL I am listening to the Gospel Hiway right now as I am typing away.

I was also checking out the different myspace sites for southern gospel. I was able to check out Signature sound and tried to check on the Crabb family(this site did not come up).
My friend Beck signed me up for a my space account and I am trying to figure it out. I had thought it was primarily for young people, but there are so many people on it.

There has been few opportunities for me to sing in the past year, but I truly enjoy singing and listening to southern gospel music.. Did I ever mention I was going to marry Mark Lowry.. LOL..

just a kiddin.. He is actually older than me.. hmmm...

Gonna do some blog searching now.. May God bless ya'll and have a great President's
Day on monday.. Maybe we should declare it "LETS pray for the next PRESIDENT day".

I am gonna do that..


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