Sunday, January 04, 2009

~~another Deb's Book Review~~

Recipes and Wooden Spoons--Tales from Grace Chapel Inn

By: Judy Baer

My Mother had given me this book awhile back and it has taken me forever to start reading it. (this happens to you when you surround yourself with books) I wish I had started it sooner as I found it so enjoyable.

You may be thinking that this is a recipe book based on the title and it is not. It is more than a recipe book. Without giving away the whole story, I will say that the book is based on a recipe book and there are spattering of recipes throughout. How neat is that! Even this "cannot cook girl" loved it!

The story is not only based on recipes, but on the relationship between three adult sisters. These sisters have decided to live together and start their very own bed and breakfast. All the happenings in their home and in the quaint town where they live, make this book a definite page turner.

As I was reading it, I kept thinking there must be more books to follow these characters. I looked up the author's web page (see above) and do not see any more books. That is the only downfall to this book.. I have emailed the author and if I get an answer about other books, I will certainly let you know.

My Ranking is a 7. A definite Read

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I love hearing about good books others have read. Thanks.