Wednesday, January 14, 2009

something occurred to me..

Something occurred to me tonight as I was heading home... That
I look forward to my online time each work night and it has become an escape from my day. It actually relaxes me.. Not sure if this is a bad thing, will have to do more thinking on it.

I know my job in the non-profit field can drain you emotionally and I believe that is why when I am on the Internet it's like I can enter another world. One that does not require me to do and say everything correctly and one that allows me to relax and laugh at myself and/or my Internet friends Hee Hee~~

Just a thought.....


BumbleBEEs FlyAnyway said...

I feel the same way, sorta. My online time is my escape from my responsibilities for a while. When I am online: no bills are due (or over due, lol); there is no pet hair on the carpet; there are no dirty dishes in the sink; laundry does not exist; check book always balances; etc...!! ;0) It is just MY time to relax, and have some innocent fun & forget the stress of my day(s)! Isn't the internet a wonderful tool?
So long as we are careful not to over-use it -> cuz I know, at my house at least, those dirty dishes have a way of sneaking up on a gal! Ahahah! ;)

Thanks for making me feel average instead of odd, for feeling this way!!!!

Charlene said...

I'm pretty sure online time is the equivalent to TV watching only a bit more interactive at least it can be! Don't fret over it! Enjoy it!