Thursday, January 01, 2009

First post for 2009...

Well I have decided to do my first blog posting for 2009!! I am thinking of what this year means to me and the first thing that comes to minds is that it's my last year till I reach my 40's. Now that does not bother some folk and I am not sure how I will feel, if it's like my 30th birthday.. Let's not discuss aging!!

I was able to spend some time with family over the holidays. I postponed Christmas day at my place as I had no energy with my sickness, thankfully I was able to connect with everyone later. Here's my niece Rachel and nephew Jeremiah in front my Christmas tree:

My tree looked a little kid-touched this year and not the typical single-girl, every ornament in place. It's a blessing to have the kids around!! One of my favorite pictures is of my nephew and one of his Christmas gifts from me.

I gave him a George W. Bush bobble head.. Jeremy and I are big George W. supporters, so I knew he would appreciate it. He's my favorite unregistered Republican!!

A new year has begun and the thoughts of resolutions and changes are in the air. A neat site I came across while on facebook is

You can choose to read the New Testament in 2009 or the Old Testament or even the whole bible. There are links that give you a reading schedule and then you can connect to right from there and read your chapters while online. How neat!! What a better resolution that to nurture my walk with Christ by reading His word. Check it out!!

May God Bless you and yours in 2009!


jubilee said...

Thanks Debbie, for the link. I'm going to check that out right now. Never hurts to have a plan!

And, as for turning forty. I have a couple more years, but I am dreading it. Turning thirty was so devastating for me. Not because I thought it was OLD, but because, I wasn't where I thought I'd be by then. Know what I mean? And forty is not old, but I dread it just the same. Ugh. So, I think I know how you feel, sistah!

Be blessed,

Anonymous said...

This is very good, I am going to check out the for sharing!

Kathy S. said...

Hi Debbie, thanks for visiting my blog. The barn stars are...hmm, from what I hear, they are all over out east which is very primitive decorating country...I have also heard that Ohio and Indiana have many of them. Because I order alot of primitive gift items from those areas, I would say...Primitive!!

Are you going to read the Bible in a year? I do the one year Bible, this will be my 8th year I think...I am addicted. It is a wonderful, easy to navigate reading plan. I have 3 different versions. I am doing the NLT again this year. I want to get the chronlolgical one maybe next year.

Debbie said...

Debbie, Thanks for visiting my blog (ThenSingsMySoul) and your comment. As you may have noticed, I'm sticking with how I've been doing far. lol

I like how many options there are to this! Really gives you a lot of time to think on things too.

Good luck to you!