Saturday, May 02, 2009

~~djdeb's ramblings ~~

It's been one of those weeks where I have been getting such inspirational thoughts and ideas and want to run with each and everyone of them. Yet, there are so many other things that I have to get in order before I can go forth with these ideas. One is getting my house in order or in my case my apartment in order...

I was watching a weight loss show and the host that was trying to help a lady be successful in her weight loss told her that she would not succeed till she got her life in order and then it would not hinder her in her success. It hit me that it's so true, if you are organized then it's so much easier to plan and go forth with your plans. Have you ever seen someone look for their keys when their house was a mess? (OK it has happened to me a few times)

So I am trying to get the energy to get my house in order so I can go forth with those aspirations and ideas I want to pursue... Let it be so!!


Leigh Anne said...

I struggle with organization. You are right, it is hard to get other things done when your house is a wreck. I think I am also ADD. I start one project, start a second without ever finishing the first.

Laurie said...

Good for you! Yes, it does take some doing to get things in order.
I pray you are able to get done what you would like and that your inspirations go forth!
Blessings, Laurie