Tuesday, June 30, 2009

djdeb's entertainment reporting

I was a twittering tonight (my newest Internet addiction--I'm djdeb7) and came across some interesting blog posts I want to share and comment on.

The first is about Michael Jackson and how he became a christian a few weeks before his death.

here's a link to the blog-

I pray that it is true. As I was watching the television coverage this weekend, I was saddened to see how lost he really was. They had played back a comment he made about his life. It basically was saying that he wanted to leave his soul in his work for it to be there when he passes on. He ended it with saying something like Isn't' that what it's all about? to me an open ended statement.

The second is about Jon and Kate Gosslin from the television show on TLC. here is a link to the blog-

Tricia Goyer's posted convicted me that I should be praying for a reconciliation for them. But instead I have been commenting on my opinion on the whole thing. It should have been the first thing I did, but how de-sensitised we become when we watch television.


Dear Lord, I come before you now and pray that something good may come out of Michael Jackson's life. May others see that all the money, fame and fortune can not bring you peace or satisfaction. For the only peace-- true peace--lasting peace comes from Salvation in Christ!!

Lord I also pray for Jon and Kate that they will not only reconcile their relationship with each other but I pray for reconciliation with you Lord. Have your way in their hearts Lord I pray!

In the precious name of my Lord and Saviour JESUS, AMEN


jubilee said...

These are good reminders. Thanks.

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

You are so right. It's easy to become judgmental, especially when feasting on the gossip stirred up by media. What a difference we could make as Christians if we would immediately take these people whose lives are publicly scrutinized to God's throne of mercy!