Sunday, June 06, 2010

Check It Out

~~~~CHECK IT OUT~~~~

Here are some new updates and interests of mine. Why share?? I figure if I find them interesting, there must be someone else that will. So here's my latest "check it out" blog entry:

Here are a few new blogs I have recently discovered:

It's described as "Romantic Farmstyle" LOVE IT !! Check out all her vintage items and postings.

Another blog I have fallen in love with is:

"Just following Jesus in my Real life"

Elizabeth's blog is a mix of beautiful photography, insights, inspirational tidbits and home design.

It also has one of my favorite names and sounds like my blog name a bit.


Last "Check it out" is more of a personal thing. After making close to 20 bracelets and around 10 earring sets, I have officially taken my first beading class. I wanted to take pictures in class, but since I did not know anyone (other than my sister) I held back. perhaps next time!?!?

It was very intimidating at first as I have never done such detailed work. We worked with seed beads and thread through a needle. Very delicate design and work. Here is a picture of the seed beads needed for the project.

My teacher stated that I chose some of the most difficult colors to work with but it will be beautiful. Leave it to me to start off the hard way, but I know what I like and well.......

Here are two close up pics of my unfinished bangle bracelet. Even incomplete it's pretty!!

I think the colors are kind of regal looking, but I am a bit partial I suppose. I mentioned this in class and added it reminded me of Princess Diana's Jewelry. Remember her famous wedding ring.. OK it's not that good... but I like it.

So until the next "CHECK IT OUT",



elizabeth said...

Hi! Thanks so much for encouraging others to check out my blog! This is what I love about blogging...finding other Jesus followers here in the blogosphere!

Beach Vintage said...

Great for you Debbie about the bead classes. It must be so much fun.

Cheryl said...

Hy there Debbie, thanks for the comments! In answer to how I found all of those familiar shells - just one of God's great gifts! I was actually shocked to find so many of them that day. Sometimes there is just a lot of something on the beach and thats when I am excited :)