Sunday, August 08, 2010


Momma is home !! Thanks for all your prayers... She has been home for almost a week Praise the Lord. They have no idea why she was having such a high fever and for so long. (2 weeks) Finally the fever broke and they were able to release her. She seems to be feeling better but tires out very easily. My father who was very lost without her is back to his old self. I guess half of him was missing...
My sister and I took them on the first family picnic in ages and she stayed for a long time. Mom outlasted Poppa (we took him home early--but that's normal for Dad) and stayed till evening. It was such a beautiful day and good to have her home. Above is a pic of mom and I at a park a few years back. It's one of my favorites--love the picture and love my MOM!!
While mom was in the hospital, we celebrated my sister's birthday at the hospital. I had made her the lovely bracelet/earring set below. I could not wait to show her. My sister also makes jewelry and we had talked about making some using the brackets I used in her bracelet. It was a tougher one to make but I think one of the best ones I have made so far.
We are thinking of going into business selling our jewelry. We will each have our own business but are going to have sister jewelry parties. So having said that I will probably be posting more on my jewelry escapades... I will take any advice on this so PLEASE share away!!!

So good news all around... Now if I could find my prince..

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