Sunday, October 10, 2010

Because He Lives - I can face tommorrow

Just visited a new blog for the first time and the words "Because He lives" were posted there. Reminded me of an old song I grew up listening too. I believe Andre Crouch used to sing it.

Because Jesus Christ lives in me , I can make it through these tough times that come our way. He is my strength, peace and comfort in the trials I go through. I have been away from my blog for a few months, due to family illness. My mother was in the hospital with a high fever for three weeks. To this day we still do not know what caused it, but we are grateful that the fever has subsided. A week or so later my sister had to have surgery to remove a tumor in her neck. We felt that it was over with and then found out a week later it was thyroid cancer. She has since had another surgery to remove her thyroid and lymph nodes and has under gone outpatient and inpatient radiation. It looks like they have gotten everything and I am holding on that we can get through it all with God's strength and healing hand. For Because He lives I can face tommorrow!! God bless, Deb

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Sparrow said...

So hard when everything comes tumbling at us at once. I can't imagine facing life without Christ. I'm glad your family is doing better.