Monday, July 15, 2013

been away for too long...

Well it has been awhile since I've posted, between moving, sickness with my parents and self.. It's like coming home every time I come back to blog world. I decided to share some pics from a trip to Amish Country in PA. The Lord blessed me with an opportunity to see site and sound theater.. They are a must see if you are ever in the area.
Check out their link here: Site and Sound Theater Lancaster PA
We were able to do some sight seeing in the Amish country. I've always been fascinated by the Amish/Mennonite Community and am particularly impressed with their work ethic and their strength in keeping their faith in God.

Took many pics along the way..

Amish man working in the fields.. Look at the powerful horses..

The Irony of the Old world and the new world..

I love this picture...

Love the colorful farms..

So I was so excited to get this old carriage and then when it turned up the road.. it had brake lights in back..

hopefully I will some day get to go back but was so blessed to be able to view God's country in a whole new way!! God bless, DJDEB


Primitive Stars said...

Hello, thanks for popping in and being my new follower, great, always nice to meet fellow bloggers......Love your pictures to Amish country, would love to go myself one day...very interesting life......Blessings Francine.

Victoria said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! I love your pics of Amish country!!!

Patty Sumner said...

So glad I came over to visit! Love your blog. I am always so happy to find other followers of Christ in Blogland. Love Amish Country...would love to take that trip. I am following along with you. I hope you are following with me, so we can have many happy visits together. Blessings!

Parlor Room Ponderings said...

I was there a few years ago with my sister, mother, and sister-in-law. We saw the story of Joseph. Wonderful production! Love the Amish country side too!

Jess @ said...

So glad you stopped by my blog. My parents are taking our daughter to see Noah this fall...kind of jealous that she's getting to go!