Friday, August 16, 2013

Meet Harry the Heron..

So I am a bit of a bird addict and love Blue Herons.. I've been watching a pair of herons on live via video link for months thanks to Cornell Check out the link at
I've been doing a little bird hunting myself the last few weeks and came across a lone heron at a local park that has a river running through it. It's one of my favorite places to visit and my mother and I spend hours sitting and watching all the goings on... We live in apartment buildings and so treasure these warm months where we can get out and visit the parks.
Reading a book the other day along the river's edge, I noticed a blue heron landing nearby. I was so excited as I have not seen one here in years. It was getting closer to me and then... Some folks had noticed him as well and decided that if they threw rocks near him... He might fly or move out of the brush.. Had I been a big burly dude I so would have yelled at them but there were two guys and a girl and well I cowered in the car angry for such childish behavior.. The last few weeks I've been down there looking for the bird to return and behold it did.. I have named him Harry the Heron-- see him below...
He is starting to feed in these pics.

So I believe he caught a crayfish here.

We think this might be a frog... which he dropped.. :)

So the pics below are right before we left...

"Wild thing"

These closeups you get a better view of the blue

They walk in such a REGAL way!!

So I was incredibly blessed to have met Harry and that he allowed me to invade his space. I'm hoping to have future visits with him and will keep you updated!!
God bless ya'll, DJDEB


Laura Lane said...


I like the way your blog is set up with the lighthouse that remains stationary. I need to learn how to make a blog background that I like. It's just another thing to do, though. ~smile~

We have blue herons here in SW Missouri, but I don't see them often. Once in awhile there will be one in our creek. You took some great photos.

Thanks for visiting me at Harvest Lane Cottage,


Christine said...

Hi Deb! So good to meet you and thank you for following my blog.
Looking forward to learning more about you.
Your pics of the heron are beautiful. Hope Harry sticks around!
Best wishes

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