Friday, March 16, 2007

djdeb's back and here's her update.

I'm Back.. believe it or not.
I have made a few changes and additions to my blog. I hope it will attract more readers. I promise to write more.

I am finally published in a book. Two of my pieces were chosen to be in a Yearly Devotional entitled "Penned from the Heart" . Other than the cute short story publication in "First" magazine this is my first book publication. Thanks to Faith Writers (see my favorite links), for directing me to this site. May God be glorified in the written word and may readers be encouraged.

I am still working at the same job for a non-profit counseling agency. I am grateful for my job and for one that allows me to be a help to those in need. It's has also allowed me to do some Public Service announcements on a local talk radio station. Kind of funny that it airs just before Bill O'Reilly. So this pretend dj is getting on the air for real now...

That's it for deb's updates.. Please feel free to comment I look forward to reading them. GOD BLESS Ya'll!!!


screamergirl said...

Hey Deb,
just took a fast glance, but it looks great to me! look forward to visiting again soon! we are doing a LOT of changes at the office thursday & friday...maybe we can catch up next week? let's do coffee or dinner some evening. . . except on tuesdays & some fridays, I am flexible! hugs to ya, screamer ;o)

Mrs. H said...

Congrats on the published work! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll be back to check yours out again...