Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Negativity towards Christians and Conservatives

I am so frustrated with the negativity towards Christians and towards anyone who has a conservative view. On the reality TV show BIG BROTHER, the winner and seemingly most popular player harassed and verbally assaulted many Christians that were in the house. Mind you he verbally attacked most everyone; yet he was voted by viewers to win.. Wow.. what a sad state this world is in..

Then I hear this week that Barry Manilow would not go on the view talk show because of one of the hosts has conservative views... Oh my gracious Barry.. let's see how many listeners you would lose if conservative listeners of your music boycott you...

I realize that being a christian or being a conservative is not a popularity thing in the world's view, but never have I seen such blatant and cruel attacks in my life. Makes me think of what more there is to come.

I want to urge all Christians to pray for how we are represented and to ask if God would have you boycott certain products, shows etc.. to take an active stand for what you believe and not hide our values and beliefs anymore.

In Christ,


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