Monday, January 28, 2008

djdeb ramblins..

Well I decided I needed to post tonight. I have been experiencing some swelling and pain in my right eye. I was thinking it was because I was on the computer too much and this is a new computer. It finally clicked with me that it is the same pain I experienced prior to my diagnosis of thyroid problems. I got on to a site last night and I am experiencing alot of symptoms of thyroid problems.
Now I have to try and persuade my doctor. I love my doctor but I have felt I needed meds for my thyroid for awhile but the tests were not at a certain level. I am trying to type this without going thru all the issues. I am so wanting to be on the net more and am hoping my eyes will allow me to. It probably does not help that my job requires all day computer work. The difference is Work, not my blogging fun... :)
Anywho.. Another monday has come and gone and 4 days till its TGIF!!! or if ya like football 6 days till that bowl thing. LOL...GO GIANTS!! Sorry my New England friends...

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Greatfullivin said...

Hi Deb...You just can't wait with a thyroid problem. My daughter has been having issues for almost a year, she finally went to an endocrinologist...she is having a biopsy this week. Make sure you stay on it! Hugs!