Saturday, February 21, 2009

~~thinking of others above yourself~~

Have you ever felt that you give support and concern to those around you; but never seem to get it in return?

It's an area that I struggle with. Around a year ago my employer had all of us take a personality quiz and then we had some group discussions. It was very eye opening experience, to say the least. I remember having the same personality label (do not like this word but cannot think of the exact term they used) as a person who swore we were so different. I was very amused by this. I also remember finding that some folks I had not found a way to relate too, were total opposite of me. This made sense to me and was a good learning experience.

There was one part of the character profile I was given that hit a little to close to home. It was mentioned that with this personality you are always giving and want to make others feel better, BUT....... HERE IT COMES...... you get upset when it's not reciprocated or others do not return the favor to you. OUCH!!! It is true, I do get frustrated when some folks that I have been encouraging or concerned about when they are sick or stressed; cannot even give me a bit of concern when I am sick or stressed. Maybe I notice it

more as I am single and am so blessed when someone reaches out to me or just gives me a listening ear. (side note-- I do have one dear friend who is the first to call or give me encouraging word when I need it. Thanks B!!)

So here is where the CONVICTION hits.....

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves;

do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. Phillipians 2:-4 NASB

So I need to remember this when I get in my "Woe is me" place and remember the scriptures reminder to stop thinking of ourselves but to look for the interest of others. So I have part of it worked out and need to have the Holy Spirit help me with the other.. Please do so Lord...

Ending note of thanks to Joanne and Pat for your scripture knowledge. God bless ya Gals!!


BumbleBEEs FlyAnyway said...

I thank my God at EVERY rememberance of YOU!!!! :) (Phil.1:3)

wow! very good post girl, I enjoyed reading it...And the special mention! lol ;)thanks!

I agree, it is sometimes a hard pill to swallow!
I tend to consider it their lack of appreciation -> and I pray the Lord will touch their hard heart, for no seed planted in hard soil can flourish!

I believe the world is full of 2 kinds of people... givers and takers. Or as I like to refer to them: faucets and drains!

You, my dear sweet friend, are a faucet! God created it in you! Accept it. delite in it. It's a gift that not everyone can be faithful with!

Consider the faucet in the literal sense -> when the drain is stopped up (ungrateful) the faucet doesn't take it personal and stop flowing... it just continues to flow that water out, so that ALL may be touched by it!! :)

You will never know how many people you have blessed on this earth this side of Heaven.
but I bet there will be a crowd awaiting at the gate for ya so they can squeeze your neck and say: "Thank you for pouring yourself out on me, it was a turning point that helped to get me here!" and Honey-child, you know I will be the first in line!! ;)

I luv you, my little faucet friend!! :D lol

jubilee said...

Mmmm. This is a tough one to live out. You are not alone in this struggle, rest assured.
Good reminder. Thanks.

Joanne Sher said...

You're DEFINITELY not alone in this one! (and any time you have a question about Philippians, I'm your man LOL) Wonderful thoughts!

Shonda said...

Nope you're not alone. Last week I was crying out to the Lord stating the similar words, "I encourage others. Why cant someone encourage me?" Then I asked the Lord to encourage me. HE did. He is faithful. Thanks for sharing with humility part, as that is "the rest of the story" for me.

Blessings in Christ-