Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pictures from the THOUSAND ISLANDS trip

One of the lighthouses that is on the waters.

One of the castles built of another castle.

My sister took this for me as I am known as the "Bird Lady" in my family and the seagulls are my babies. Each day I am getting closer to that old maid with her cats---say it aint so!! Truth be told my landlord doesn't allow cats! My sister and I took a boat trip on the thousand islands to a place called Boldt Castle. This was a sign posted at the dock when we reached the castle.

OK not the best pic of me.. but I like the fact that is shows the wind a blowin' and my favorite attachment --- MY CAMERA!!!!


jubilee said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Lovin' that castle!
I think blue is your color!

Steve said...

Nice to meet you Debbie. Looks like a pretty place. My wife's name is Deborah, and I call her Deb also. Just a little bit about myself. First of all I'm a Christian, and my wife also. The Lord saved me twelve years ago this past July, the 26th. I'm still learning, I've not arrived yet. God is still working on me, and I know there is still alot of work to do yet. I love the Lord and I know He does me also. I'm glad I found your blog, cause I believe you love the Lord also. May God bless you, and keep you, as you write and sing for HIM. May the peace of God be with you