Saturday, January 09, 2010

....lonely reality star....

I was watching a reality show today.. yes I admit to watching them.. Primarily the survivor/adventure ones; but have been drawn to this particular one. The show is dealing with celebrities that have become addicted or are abusing alcohol and/or drugs. It was their first day at the rehab and the cameras are recording their stories. Each one has their reasons for why they are there and their opinions on whether they are needing treatment or not.

One female kept stating that she was "LONELY" and the doctor overseeing the treatment facility seemed to be concerned with her loneliness. She has had money, fame and notoriety and prison time. She now lives alone with her addiction and animals in the desert. She comes off very sad and pitiful to say the least.

Every time I see a celebrity that has died from an overdose or is so lost in addiction as the "lonely" lady above. I am reminded that all the money, fame and prestige in the world can not bring you happiness and what I truly believe we all seek is PEACE.

The Peace that passes all understanding and brings you eternal hope. The peace that gives you strength to make it through difficult things that can come against you. The peace that gives you contentment in who you are. Lastly, the Peace that replaces the loneliness with the knowledge that you will never be alone again.

Jesus is that peace and I am thankful every day for his presence in my life. Now my life is not perfect and without trials and troubles. But despite all that I am going through, I have someone who cares and knows my heart's cry. For He is the friend that is closer than a brother, He is that friend that never leaves, He is that friend that will never betray, or forsake you.

These troubled stars have felt abused and taken advantage of time after time. With Christ, he asks so little of us for all that He offers to us. He asks for us to commit to serving Him, with all our heart and strength. However weak either are... He accepts us just as we are.. And we shall never be alone again.

Dear Lord, I come before you for all those who are seeking for fulfillment in so many addictive and self punishing ways. I ask that they would call out to you and I know that You will hear and deliver them. I pray for the lonely ones that are so low... That You Lord will lift them up. In the name of JESUS I pray, AMEN


Steve said...

God bless. This post is so true, only Jesus can fill this emptiness in our life.

Mary Moss said...

Deb, great post and wonderful prayer!