Sunday, January 17, 2010

pics from my new hobby

DJDEB attempts to make jewelry..

I am going to post some pictures from my first few attempts at Jewelry making. (So please take that in mind when you view them) I had decided to make all my girls at work bracelets for Christmas and in the process learned how to make earrings. For Christmas I got a wonderful new camera (thanks sister) and wish I had it in time to take these pics as it has a wonderful zoom.. so here goes my first few attempts.

~~Jewelry by DJDeb~~

I asked my co workers their favorite colors and this one was based on the color green. Not my favorite color, but loved it paired with black and gold.

Ok I had two coworkers that liked pink. My boss liked hot pink---later denied and I just struggled with finding beads that I liked that were pink. My boss' bracelet is the last one. But surprisingly they turned out to be some of my favorites. Oh the joy of beading ....

one of many lavender ones.....

and some red for this last one....
So there are a few samplings of djdeb's beads!

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