Thursday, January 21, 2010

my new addiction

I have always had a fascination with all things dealing with the sea. Perhaps it started when I spent many summers in Salem, Massachusetts with my grandparents. Hanging at the beach and then when I was older going on many whale watches and harbor cruises.

Here is the boat my sister, nephew and I took out of Gloucester on the "Perfect Storm" Ride. Yes that is how they advertised it. :)

And there is my love for lighthouses... I believe this came about from my faith as I have grown up hearing the phrase that Jesus is my Lighthouse. As I have grown older, I know this is true and the beacons of light hold a more special place to my heart.

I have said this to say...... My new addiction is all the wonderful nautical, beach and ocean blogs out there in blog world. It's a whole new world I never knew existed. Here are a few of my favorites.

Align Center

There is another great blog that hails from Australia called Beach Vintage. She has great craft ideas and beautiful pictures.

So please check out my new addictions and let em know what ya think....

God bless, Deb

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Joan said...

Debbie - I love lighthouses - even though I live far away from the beach. (There is one or two on the Texas coast, but I'm a good distance away).

I bought a calendar for my office this year that has pictures of lighthouses and scripture. I can look at it from my windowless office, enjoy a beautiful scene, and remember the True Light.

Blessings to you today!