Friday, April 30, 2010

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OK so I need to do a rambling post....


I am home on a Friday night, when I actually had plans... BUMMER. Been fighting a stomach bug for a week or so, but the last 24 hrs. it has gotten worse. Lord willing I will feel better for my big plans tomorrow....

Update on Rambling #1: unexpected but welcome company stopped by.. and distracted me from my stomach woes. Thanks Robin and I hope to see ya soon in the blogging world!!!


Those plans include my sister and I taking our Momma out for a Mom and daughters day out. We are taking her for dinner and shopping. She has been wanting a good foam pillow and I have struggled to find the right kind for her. I do believe Bed, Bath and Beyond has what she has been so wanting ( and I want one too). It's called latex foam pillow.

Update on Rambling 2: I am finishing this post on Sunday as I ended up spending the day with mom and my sister (see my lovely momma and I below). Thankfully my stomach pains held out till I got home last night and I was able to enjoy a nice day of shopping and fellowship. AND AFTER YEARS OF SEARCHING-- We found the right pillow and purchased three!



Was unsure if I was or should post this rambling... Primarily because I don't have children and wonder if some may feel I am not qualified to share. BUT I must... I have been watching and listening to all the news/television shows regarding the eating habits and obesity levels of today's children.

First, I agree it's a need and we should be concerned and do our best to change for the health of the children. I grew up in a low income family, primarily due to the fact my parents wanted my Mother to remain home for the children. We were blessed to have had her there and should I ever have children I too would love to be able to do that. Having said that, we made sacrifices to have her stay at home. One was that we always rented our residency and the other was our food choices.

We did not purchase food based on the "HEALTH" content but more on how it could be spread out and price. We also used food from Food pantries and government give outs. I am not ashamed of that as it afforded us something many of my classmates never had. That was a mom to come home to if you were sick and never having to be left alone or with strangers/babysitters.

So my only thoughts are that it is expensive to eat completely healthy foods. I have been working hard recently to eat more healthier foods and my grocery bill has sky rocketed. Fresh veggies, fruits, fiber enriched, lower sodium and lower fat content products are expensive!! But being that I am single and buying for me it's an expense I feel is needed, If I had a family.....

I have heard there is people wanting to tax soda and take away toys from Happy meals. Soda yes is bad for ya, taxing it?? well I think is not going to help the issue.. and come on Taking toys from a meal consisting of a hamburger/apple pieces (or fries) and a drink (does not have to be soda). Happy meals are a reasonably priced meal as a treat and is one of the few places most parents can afford.

So what are my ideas and thoughts: LETS FOCUS on reducing the costs of "healthy' foods and work on school lunches . For perhaps with education on what is healthy and what is not and having affordable food for families to buy ; maybe then we can begin to change the health of children.

ANYWAYS it's just a thought......

Until I post again, May God bless y'all,


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