Saturday, April 24, 2010

"neglectful blogger hangs head in shame"

That would be me the neglectful blogger.... But I'm back. I am slowly starting to have more energy which is getting me out and about more. Last week my sister and I,

My sister Sharon and I after church on Sunday--in our Sunday best !!

went to visit my brother Dave and his family. It was a great time of fun, fellowship and shopping. I will post about some of the fellowship and fun and will do a special post on my shopping later
(Iwill have to take some pics of my prize purchases first).

We were able to spend some time with their family both at the their place and later one evening they joined us at our hotel's pool and hot tub (NO PICS here though). Here is a picture of my nephew Jeremy and their dog "breezy" I believe the kids named him. Makes me recall a rabbit they once had that was named Freedom by Jeremy. He was and is always into America and politics. Love ya Jeremy my "politically savvy" nephew!!

Jeremiah David and Breezy
My brother Dave had to work most of the time we were there, but we were able to spend the evenings and Sunday church time with him. We have a lot in common and I so enjoy getting a chance to visit with him and discuss music and our Faith (some of common interests). Here's a picture of my brother when he came home from work, he works for Hospice as a caretaker:

My Brother Dave in his uniform.

I will post some pictures of my sister in law and my niece later. My sister in law is not one to let us take many pics of her, but I think I at least have one of her. Since she was our shopping tour guide, I will post it when I post my shopping blog. My neice who LOVES her picture taken went with us and I will post some
of her then too. I wanted to talk about my sister in law Barb's home decorating skills. She is very talented and could go into the business. We joke with her and about whether her designs are country, primitive or rustic?! In actuality I truly covet her style and hope that some day my place can have that "decorator's touch" that her place exudes. Of course, I would rather it be more nautical inspired. Here are a few pics from her house on the latest trip there:

From their front porch, which was a little too cold to enjoy yet this year but the decor is beautiful none the less-- don't ya think??

More from the front porch-- I believe she hand stenciled these.
I loved this sconce-- think it's a bit nautical inspiring eh??
So we had a good visit with my family and I am back at home and really need to get my place in order but this computer just DRAWS me in.. God bless ya, Deb


Robyn said...

Deb, thanks for stopping by my're welcome anytime! Love all of your photos as well...looks like we have a lot in common~ looking forward to getting to know ya! God bless you, Robyn

Patty Sumner said...

So happy to check out your blog. So enjoyed the pics of the decor and your lovely family....look forward to keeping up with your blog...God bless you!

Robyn said...

Deb, my coffee pot is always full...drop by was cold here today but thank the Lord no snow for us...had to cover all my plants this evening...we do however, have a freeze warning...stay warm up there! God bless you, Robyn

Katie said...

Dear Debbie,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! You are welcome anytime, and I'm especially excited you are looking forward to the 'femininity' series! Please join the discussion as you'd like!

Also, you have lovely blog here ~ think I'll look around a bit!

Blessings to you!