Saturday, May 15, 2010

~~gone to the BIRDS~~

If you have not guessed it, I am the one who has gone to the birds. (not a big dog fan) I have mentioned my love of seagulls and will post some of my most recent pics of my LOST seagulls (no sea in my neck of the woods) Here are some pictures of ducks at one of our local lakes in New York. I have never seen so many and so friendly. The picture above I felt a tad bit threatened by this one. I think he knew I had no bread or food for him on me, just this crazy clicking thing.

Always try and feed the hurt bird the most. The picture above shows a bird with bread in it's mouth. This particular bird had a broken wing and just broke my heart. Glad my mother was able to throw the bread to the wounded one.
Good throwing Momma!

I swear they were staring at me...

I did get a few in the lake, but not as close as the ones
above that were near the pond.

I love willow trees. They remind me of my mother's hometown in New England. Here is one of many at the lakeside park.

I actually take some pictures of humans.... This was at park in my hometown that many kayaks are drawn too. I just found it a real scenic picture.


I have been trying to get them in flight and never thought I could. Thanks for my new camera sister!! I love seeing the patterns their wings show when spread out in flight. The one below I caught in flight and with the bread I was feeding it.

Well I pray that I am still loved, even though I am a bit birdy... Have a great weekend. God bless y'all, DEB

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Laurie said...

Hi Deb! Thanks for your sweet comment on my picnic wreath! I found a reference link for you so you can see the different types of wreath forms, basically just a base around which you can decorate a wreath. The form I used this time was a straw wreath base. Here's the link:

This link just shows some different kinds of forms w/pics so maybe that'll give you some info. I'm no decor expert myself, but you ask me anything you want anytime! I'm following you now. Have a blessed week!