Saturday, January 08, 2011

First post in 2011

Better late than never eh?! I have been having difficulty with getting into blogs. Seems like when I click on my own and sometimes other blogs I keep getting knocked off.
Any other bloggers have this problem? Any thoughts or suggestions?

Sickness is still in the house as I am still sick even after a dose of antibiotics, but thankfully I have been able to work through it  Yesterday, however I ended up coming home early from work. I had to travel home in a snow storm, the snow was coming down heavy and the roads/sidewalks were very slick. I truly hate this kind of snow (due to my fear of falling), but am grateful it is not ice. Prayers for those in the south that are going to be hit by the ice storm are being sent as I type this. Please be careful and use caution when travelling, better yet stay inside and have a cup of cocoa!!

This has become a rambling post.... that will not go on and on I promise !! I just wanted to post and will hopefully be more inspirational/entertaining in my next post !! God bless y'all !!

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Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

That happens to me, too sometimes when I visit blogs. Sometimes I think it is just all the stuff loading when there is music playing & such.

Happy new year to you!!! Have a blessed weekend!!