Monday, January 10, 2011

Sick, but dont count me out!

I have officially been home veggin' (sorry for such a juvenile word but it so fits) for three days. Calling in sick this morning and not leaving the house for two days, is an attempt to get over whatever I have and just plain REST! Called my Doctor this morning only to find that he is out of the office for the day. To be honest I was hoping he would just call in scripts and I would not have to go out in this snowy mess! We shall see what and when he responds with.. My guess: Prednisone for chest congestion and a second antibiotic and probably an inhaler (which I have struggled with in the past). My way of dealing with sickness is to stay home and rest and use the wisdom of Physicians whenever possible. Trying to not freak out, worry or get depressed.....

Not everyone reacts to sickness or perhaps I should be more specific "my" sickness the same. My parents for example; both love me dearly and react in different ways. My father tends to be more easier for me to accept as it's not condemning or finding fault, it's just "GO TO THE HOSPITAL!" He called my sister, the nurse who has not called me in around a week (not worried about my sickness) to try and get me to go to the hospital last night. As I mentioned above, I am not above going to doctors for help, but definitely was not at the point of needing to "GO TO THE HOSPITAL" But I know that advice was coming from a concerned and loving heart and I can see that and understand it.

My mother's reaction is also from a concerned and loving heart too and perhaps I should add a worrying heart. Her reaction is to point out what is wrong in my life that is causing this sickness. Some of her points are valid but they can come across in a very condemning way. In her views I am just not listening to what is the source of the problem. I am listening!! To be honest mom,I listen to yours words the most and that is why they tend to be more hurtful. Also because you and I have that special bond of love and they say the ones you love the most can hurt you the most. I am not meaning to rag on my mother, but to say I am trying to see it from her side of it , which is that she really is trying to help. My prayer is that my response will be respectful and appreciative, but not always having to agree. A delicate balance indeed.... 

LORD, Give me wisdom in learning how to treat others as You would and healing of this illness and strength to overcome the obstacles that tend to beset us.. AMEN

Take care blogging pals,

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