Friday, January 28, 2011

Is anyone "considerate" these days?

Considerate is defined as
Having or marked by regard for the needs or feelings of others.  and  Characterized by careful thought; deliberate.  definition source 

Consideration for others seems to be lacking in society these days. Examples of this can be seen when driving in a car or perhaps in a grocery store.

Driving example that occurred this week:

While I was at a red light, I was in the lane that could turn right, so I looked to my left to see if any car was coming and what does the car to my left (that cannot move till it's green) do??? they pull up even more and of course it's a BIG car!!!  

Grocery Store example:
Ever been in a line with a few items and someone in front of you has 20 items!?!?

What ever happened to "DO unto others as you would have them do unto you!"

By being "Considerate" It will show your True character. True Character defined is in how you treat others.

So think of others above yourself and they will be shocked and blessed at the same time. Shocked because it could be the only nice thing that happened to them that day and blessed because you made them feel important by your kind, thoughtful and considerate word and/or actions.

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