Saturday, July 30, 2011

I so should not be in "Blog world" but alas here I am.

OK so why should I not be here... Because I should be cleaning, writing in my food journal, cutting vegetables, cleaning, I said that one didn't I? Setting all that aside for the time being, I wanted to post some pics showing what I have been up to. My friend Becky and I went on a road trip to a Mark Lowry concert  ( ) and then visiting my brother and family. On the way back we visited an old schoolmate. First road trip pics:

Definitely loads of picture taking views along the way..

Love Barn pictures..
My friend's choice to ask for directions while lost on the rural roads--did I mention she likes Harleys!

Finally we are on the good ole' NY State thruway.....

Becky eating her very expensive thruway sandwhich..
A rare pic of the photographer...

I met a man!!

We finally made it to the hotel and rested a bit before heading to the concert. Did I mention we passed our exit and got lost again on the way to the concert? We were traveling in the "boonies" of Western NY. I have to say it was beautiful though..

I found these wind fan things breathtaking and there were at least a hundred of them.

We finally reach our concert. Mark Lowry is a christian singer/comedian and I so enjoyed his concert. His opening act I did not and am not going to post her pictures. I felt the opening act was too "Hollywood" for my taste. Mark has a great blend of comedy and good ole southern gospel charm with a great message. He's kind of cute too eh?

Here we are in the heat awaiting it all to begin.

so why post this ugly stamp-- one why such an ugly stamp for the concert and two it's the only pic of my new bracelet. First button bracelet I have ever made..

Mark Lowry-Man of many faces
Mark wrote and sang the song Mary did you know.
See link below.. very talented man.

Mary Did you know? video
 NEXT DAY, Visiting the family....

My nephew Jeremiah and I--Love this kid so much.
Breezy the dog..

My brother Dave and my niece Rachel in the pool

My Niece Rachel -- who loves her picture taken!

On the way home, we stopped by to visit my friend Heather whom I have not seen in over 25 yrs. We have reconnected via Facebook. So excited to meet her husband and family and see her lovely place.

Heather, Tim and Aidan

Beautiful flowers that were around her gazebo.
Loved the lamp post on their deck

So the next few pics were taken by her three year old son a very good photographer. (normally I don't show posts of me but he did good !!
My attempt to give a model look.

Not bad Aidan..

Aidan and I. What a cutey pie!

So it was a good trip--learned a lot about myself and learned there is no place like home. Despite how beautiful the country, wonderful fellowship with family and friends... there is something about Home..

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Katie said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog today! =) Your blog is a delight! I love the music selection too.

May the love of our Savior overwhelm your heart tonight ~