Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dare I write this post....

Tending to be a very private person, I do not share a lot of personal struggles with very many people. Other than my Lord and Saviour. (He knows my struggles better than I) I am feeling that I can share this with my blogging family as I know those who read it are of an encouraging spirit and supportive. So what is this thing I was afraid to post.......

I've joined weight watchers well actually been there for a few weeks. Only complaint so far is the cost. I have lost 13 lbs and am excited to be on the road to better health.  Strange as it may sound, my main reason for joining is cause it felt like this was the
"one " thing I could have a positive impact in my life. There has been alot of instability and stress this past year and even more so these past few months. To be honest I can not do alot about most of it, other than pray about it. BUT..... getting healthy that I can work on.

So I am still struggling with thyroid problems and tend to have no energy most the time, but am believing that the weight loss has got to help that too...   Phew.... I've done it!! I have shared my secret with all my blogging friends and I'm glad. I will try and keep my progress up to date on here. (when my computer allows--tends to knock me off blogspot for some reason).

To close I am reminded of the verse that says " I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME" Let it be so Lord, not just for me but for anyone who is struggling in their life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
I'll be praying for your efforts to lose weight and for that thyroid!
I have a real tender heart toward anyone with thyroid issues. I suffered with hypo-thyroidism for a number of years, and God healed me. I don't say that flippantly - He really did heal me. My doctor was shocked and had me tested a number of times, then told me to stop all meds. I asked him to write me a note stating I'd been healed and he sent it to me on his prescription pad. I have it framed as a reminder that God is STILL in the healing business today!
As for weight loss - I've been a 'yo-yo'er' all my life. From 116 lbs. to nearly 200 lbs and back and forth.
Lately I've been eating healthier, smaller portions and "trying" to stay more active. I've lost over 40 lbs and was able to lower my BP and feel and be healthier.
Praying GREAT things for you my friend. You and Jesus can do it!

elizabeth said...

Good for you Deb. I pray that God will strengthen and heal you and give you courage to keep on!