Friday, April 27, 2012

~~My First Jewelry Class~~

So I just had a my first jewelry making class--guess that is what you would call it. I have been attending a lovely bible study group with a wonderful bunch of ladies and they asked me to teach them to make some jewelry. Wow--me!?! I've never really considered teaching jewelry, but I just couldn't say no. So I decided a simple string bracelet, would be a great piece to teach them. 
Table set up for all the ladies with a display of some of my pieces

 Since it was my bible study group, I was looking for something inspirational to incorporate into the bracelet. I've used the "faith, hope & love " beads in other bracelets and bible bookmarks. So thought I would do that here and tye it into
1Corinthians 13:13

Jen, Mandy and lil' Ellie ready to make some bracelets!
Margaret all smiles!

Mandy showing us  her lovely bracelet!
Margaret loved it so much that she made two bracelets!
Everyone had a selection of color and style of beads to choose from and everyone had a Faith, Hope and Love Beads. At the end they could choose a cross if they wanted to add to their bracelet!


I love that they were all different!

Wish more of the ladies let me take their pictures, but... you know how us ladies are!!

It was so worth the work it took getting it all together! I'm hoping they all had a great time.  I would call my first class a success!! Hope you enjoyed the pictures and have a GREAT day! God bless, DJDEB

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