Saturday, June 16, 2012


How's that for a title? I feel like that is what has been happening in my life this last six months. Between my body changing with weight loss 30 lbs and counting.. Changes in my personal life and job.. I am so not one to enjoy change, but these changes have brought about growth and satisfaction. Growth in knowing who I am .. I am a child of King (God my heavenly Father), daughter of aging parents that desire that all their children truly "seek first the kingdom of God" , christian --who is learning more every day about God's word, plan and purpose in my life.

All of these are bringing about that "SATISFACTION" That I can be satisfied with who God is making me into.. That it's OK for me to have my strong convictions as long as they are grounded in the word, that it's fine to be single and not really seeking, that making changes can be good and not so scary!! I'm learning to Trust in God.. I've been a christian for over 30 yrs and I'm learning more and more about my wonderful Lord and Savior!!

So I guess that was a testimony of what God is doing in my life! I'm going to share a few pics that I have taken of summer scenes in New York and hope to be back soon to blog again...

Take care,

Poppa, Momma and I at the Walk for JESUS

Sang at the Walk for Jesus with another Friend!! Such a blessing to sing with her again!

My friend Kelly and I at the Walk!

My sister and I showing our ONE WAY JESUS Foamies!!--is that what they call them.

I love taking pics of the sky and this is one of my favorites that I've taken recently

Love the cloud above the trees in this pic!

hope you enjoyed the pictures of our summer happenings!

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