Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Picnicking by the water....

Picnicking.... hmmm is that a word? My sister and I went on a picnic with a bunch of singles.. It was a church singles group that we go to when we can. I thought I would show you the pictures of some of the beauty that exist in New York State!!

We walked out to the light house and I was able to catch this sail boat.

My Sister and I --where ya looking sis?

Love this one!

 There is an inlet  here and you can see under the tree a little kid swimming.
 I love lighthouses and never get close to them. This is not a real big one but love it!
Took these on the way home from the car--plenty of barns to take pics of.. the older the better I think....

It was a beautiful day with so many puffy clouds.

Took this for my sister that loves sunflowers... a little blurry but I like the effect.
So we had a great time of fellowship and met some new friends.. No potential mates.. but GOD knows my heart on that.. Always a blessing to spend a day enjoying friends and the beautiful sights all around.. hope ya'll enjoyed my day of pics!

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Ashlee Christopher said...

Hey DEB! New to your lovely blog and I am totally obsessed! Thank you for sharing! I will be checking in again real soon :). It was very nice to meet you!
Have a fantastic weekend.