Sunday, March 16, 2008

~~djdeb updates~~

Not awake lady

This is what I look like at present. I am still recovering from whatever this is that I have. I went back to the Dr. on friday and am on 2 more meds and I am using a nebulizer (not sure what the spelling is on that) Thankfully my dad has one and I can use his. I feel ok if I am not talking or moving, then I do not cough as much. Anyways just wanted to give an update.

My writing group Faithwriters is taking a break on their weekly writing challenges so I am hoping to get a chance to get on my blog and visit others more. I have so enjoyed these challenges lately. My last three were fiction and got quite a few good comments. I have not placed or won in my group, but am learning so much. There are so many talented writers and wonderful christians there.

One last update Ashley from the Clark brothers will be playing some kind of instrument for one of the singers this week on American Idol. It's a weird name and I am not sure how to spell it.

Here's hoping spring will come soon.. God bless, DJDEB


Greatfullivin said...

Hi DJDeb
I hope you are soon feeling better. Thanks for sharing the info about the Clark Brothers. I watch Idol and I will look for them! Happy St. Pat's Day!

jubilee said...

Hi again,

Do you mind if I use the pic at the top of your post? It's me - exactly!