Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CHECK IT OUT & a lil' self promotion

I promise not to do the whole blog post in that NEON, LIME color!! My check it outs are related to twitter ( Check out TWITTER here ) and are all about New England and people of similar interests. You are probably asking, Where in the world is she going with this?

Finding friends and/or family to join me in this crazy, time consuming, addictive world of twitter has been difficult. I have become resigned to the fact that just like my wonderful Blog world, twitter world is meant to be a haven of new friends, inspirations and views. I am really loving it and am finding it somewhat addictive. Yes, at times I have been known to twitter away a lot of my time.

New England is always a place dear to my heart and I love visiting my New England bloggers and have connected with many NE Twitterers!!!
Cape Ann Guy Find Cape Ann Guy here is a self described "Weather Geek" that tweets out of Gloucester Mass. I have learned so much from his weather posts and have linked up with many other NE sights. He actually has been know to answer this "pesky wanna be weather geek"

Alert New England Twitter link to AlertNewEngland is another favorite twitter sight I love. It reminds me of a scanner thats in print on the net. OK so please tell me y'all know what a scanner is?? It's a police/radio/fire radio type broadcaster of events that are affecting a certain area. (bad definition my techie brother would be so ashamed)
Anyways Alert New England posts all kinds of happening throughout New England. It's been exciting to call my mother (who grew up all over New England) about the happenings in her old stomping grounds.

Little Bead Shop Link to Little Bead Shop is a bead shop in Scotland that shares all their happenings. It's exciting to here about all their little girl jewelry parties to their celebration of hogmany. They also have tweeted and connected with me numerous times!

There are many beaders/jewelry makers on Twitter and I do follow a few. Many use twitter as a vehicle to sell their designs. Great idea eh?! I tend to use the twitter filters for some of these posts as it takes up a lot of room when viewing other posts. I have not included any of them here as there are so many to view.

Inspirational twitters are in abundance on twitter. Finding some of my favoriter christian artists like Kari Jobe, Jesus Culture, Mark Lowry and Candace Cameron Bure is just naming a few.


So on to the the self promotion--Not necessarily promoting but showing of some of my designs.
I twittered recently my regret in not taking pictures of the jewelry I made for Christmas. I made over a dozen wire-wrapped rings, some bracelets and at least 8 pairs of earrings. Christmas came so quickly that I feel like I made and gave. Lack of energy has also played in my not getting pictures taken. BUT.... I can show a few things I have made in the past  months and some were actually Christmas gifts.

These bracelet/earrings sets above, I have made at least three of. I love the fact it was the first time I wire-wrapped on top of a bead. I gave a set of these to a friend for Christmas.

This was prior to my wire wrapping days. But I love them none the less especially the earrings.

My mother gave me a few bags full of these rosy, pearl beads and I have been so surprised at what I can make with them. Never look a gift horse in the mouth is a proven statement in regards to the beads that have been given me.

Soon I will hope to be posting some of my wire wrapped rings......




Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

Fabulous!!! And, I tweet as well! @boldhope
Twitter is fun to connect with bloggers from all over but I find that VERY few of my friends tweet at all. That takes the fun out of it. Everyone prefers facebook still. Have a great weekend!

Danielle said...

Your jewelry is beautiful Aunt Debbie!

Tara P. said...

I tweet too, but it's more for the foodie community, which I'm also involved in. Happy to have found your blog and even more happy to have found another newbie!