Sunday, September 25, 2011

A shout out, new designs and a blog hoppin' lady

WOW~ is all I can say when I visited this designer who participated in the recent Bead Soup Party. Check out Daisychain designs necklace made with a sea urchin pendant.
(click on the link below)

I have been so inspired by all the lovely designs from such a talented "bowl" of ladies soup.

I have been blog hopping and still haven't reached 100 yet. There are over 300 blogs/sites to visit and I plan to visit them all. Sadly my computer will not let me visit some and knocks me off. This saddens me but I keep sampling and the soup I have tasted is delicious!! 

There are so many different styles, some I have never seen and some are way beyond my realm of vision. I have always been real streamlined in my designs and tend to be matchy-matchy. My matchy matchiness came out when I took a class on
 making bracelets with old buttons. (ok I made up a few words here but dont know how else to describe me)

 Why I tried to match all my buttons Phew... tough job!! I say this to say I am challenged with seeing all the asymmetrical designs I have viewed. Designs that are not matchy-matchy or do not have mirrored images on each side of the necklace. Could I do that? Can I step out of my "set designing eyes"? I hope so... Perhaps some day.. Anyone else struggle in this area??

~Now some djdeb designs~

My local bead store owner said these were painted shells.

I was hoping to get a closer picture of their pretty color. I don't tend to string beads as much but wire wrapping these lovely beads--I couldn't do it. Wanted to see them in all their glory!!

I am so not Gothic, but I love these Gothic crosses. I am particular when it comes to crosses and don't like real flashy ones. Perhaps because the cross means more to me than piece of jewelry... I was pleased to see how these turned out and they are inspirational when I wear them.

When I promised a piece of jewelry to a lady from church, I was not overjoyed when she said RED was her color of choice.. Seriously... Well it turned out better than this picture did. and I hope she liked it. I really liked wire wrapping with the thicker wire--especially the way it looks..

So until next time, happy beading!!


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ladyhawthorne said...

I think your work is wonderful. I too have trouble thinking about doing asymmetrical things, just can't quite get my head going in the right direction.