Sunday, October 23, 2011

Somethings in the air?


So I have had quite the jewelry inspiration as of late, many lovely pieces have been created and my house is still a mess... But did I say there have been some lovely inspirational jewelry made!! Here's a few -- and no pictures from the messy house.

I have had this sea glass for awhile and was waiting for some inspiration--I love sea glass!

This is the back end of the necklace. This is the first time I have used different connections (jump rings,wire wrapping, rings and chains) I am so wanting to try and learn more. Variety has been intimidating to me - I am trying to step out of my comfort zone. Perhaps fabric is next.....

A little different view. I like that the seed beads don't distract from my favorite part the sea glass focal.

My favorite piece I have made so far!!
My co worker's son came down with some serious illnesses and they were coordinating a benefit for him. I decided to donate some jewelry for their auction. Here are some of the pieces I have made for them.

Love the purple/gold bead that compliments the citrine color beads.

Love the butterflies!

Used Green cat's eye beads for this bracelet/anklet.

Loved the heart closure--fitting as we are having a heart for this sick young man

These are two elastic stranded bracelets that are connected and can be worn side by side or wrapped.

EEKS I free handed the hoops!!

Something a little fishy...

Made two separate earring/bracelet sets here. Pink/Pearl and Purple/Pearl

Hope you enjoyed my inspirations!


T... said...

very pretty pieces.....
love the sea glass piece, the blues are very soothing...

Mina Juwelry said...

Nice pieces! Well done!

ღ soraya ღ said...

hi friend i lost my page it suddenly dissapear..i have made a new page and i am searching for my friends back sorry for this inconvinience i had work so much on it..but things happened..hope you join me on the new one its not all ready yet.. but would like you be my friend..thanks love soraya