Monday, February 20, 2012

~My Newest Creations~

Crocheting wire has been my newest jewelry addiction--well perhaps not an addiction yet! I love taking classes on different jewelry making styles and don't get to very often. This particular class I came upon very last minute and was so glad I did.  

It's gotten me into making jewelry again.. Kind of took a break after all my Christmas projects. Below is a simple bracelet I've made for a friend who's been going through some difficulties. It's larger than my style, but I think it will go with her style. One of things I'm learning in making jewelry for others, it does take you away from what you naturally think is attractive. Not that I don't think the gifts I made are not pretty, but it's not where I would have gone color/style wise if it was for me. The necklace I started for someone else, but fell in love with and well it's now mine!!!

The one thing in all these pieces is there is no wire-wrapping! Which is rare for me!! I tend to revert back to wire-wrapping as it's been my true love.. Perhaps I'm stretching my artistic ability.. OK that made me laugh.. I hope you enjoyed my "NEWEST CREATIONS"


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