Saturday, March 03, 2012

Before I go hopping... I must post my own blog !

So before I go blog hopping on the latest Bead Soup Swap, I have told myself I must post my latest update!! For I know once I am hopping on all the blogs I soooo wont want to write my post, but will be inspired to make more Jewelry!!

Here are some of my latest pieces......

I made this mother's bracelet for a dear friend who just had her sixth baby! God bless her!!

So out of my element but I LOVE IT!

This has "ME" written all over it!

These are so whimsical and fun--even with the paperclips holding them up. :)

I've finally did a few pieces of jewelry for myself and am loving to show them off when I wear them.Now off to the blog hop!

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tappingflamingo said...

love those starfish earrings, they have my name written all over them too. thanks for stopping by my blog.